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I lost 20 lbs. in 2 months!

Before this program, I did 6 weeks of eating better and exercising with little change. Adding Mōdere and this plan
I lost 20 lbs. in 2 months! I’m having much better-quality workouts, less fatigued, less sore, and recovering faster.

Cory Baker

Feb 6, 2023

I lost 28 lbs in 56 days!

I loved the program because it provided a simple framework with flexibility that fits into my crazy busy schedule as a Chiropractor. I was impressed by how well this instilled great new habits and balanced my blood sugar.
I lost 28 lbs in 56 days without exercise and felt strong in my body again!

Genie Markwell

Feb 6, 2023

I was down 10 pounds in 11 days!

In 6 months, I lost 30 pounds! I felt satisfied with large portions & was down 10 pounds in 11 days!

Laura Wymbs

New Jersey
Feb 6, 2023

I lost 30 pounds

I lost 30 pounds with a few rounds of Body Burn and have kept all but 5 pounds off for over 2 years! The Trebiotic has been a lifesaver for me after recently having a hysterectomy followed by some gut health issues.

Christina Holman

Dec 5, 2022

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