Pure Monk Fruit

  • A HEALTHY SUGAR-FREE, CARB-FREE SWEETENER: Break the sugar habit without sacrificing your sweet cravings; our 100% pure monkfruit extract has no calories or carbs, so now you can indulge in your favorite refreshments and enjoy a guilt-free sweet life
  • 100% MONK FRUIT GOODNESS: Unlike other impure monk fruit sweeteners; our pure monk fruit sweetener has no added ingredient so you can enjoy each scoop with its premium taste and health benefits without the drawbacks of artificial monkfruit sweeteners
  • AIDS IN YOUR OVERALL HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Our great-tasting monk sugar is ideal for low-calorie and low-glycemic diets; it doesn’t trigger a glycemic response, making it the ideal monkfruit natural powder for people seeking a healthy lifestyle
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: Naturally sweeter than table sugar, our powdered monkfruit sugar delivers a clean and delightful flavor; this monkfruit sweetener can be used in smaller quantities — every 100g pouch offers up to 322 servings
  • A MULTIPURPOSE SUGAR ALTERNATIVE: Like our Stevia Powder, our monk fruit concentrate can be used for baking or as an instant sweetener for your favorite drinks or breakfast treats; just add a scoop to create the same sweetness of a teaspoon of sugar

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