Body Burn Meal Phase I (Days 1-28)



Body Burn Introduction

The BODY BURN meal plan will teach your body to burn fat faster! Designed to fuel your metabolism, incinerate body fat and preserve lean body mass.

Body Burn begins with a 3 day prep to wake up your digestive system, increase immune function, speed recovery and provide an optimal environment for breakdown and absorption. Setting you up for success with optimal utilization of nutrition!

Most “diets” sabotage and lower metabolism. Body burn increases it! Days 11-28 will cycle minimal-carb burn days with low glycemic refuel days so that you increase your baseline metabolic rate.

Finish strong by adding in medium carb cut days to train your body to effectively burn the food you fuel it with and to utilize fat storage faster and more efficiently. Partner the Body Burn meal plan with the required Mōdere nutritional support and daily mindset tips for a lifestyle approach and results you have never experienced!

This program provides 35 days of access to a personalized portion specific 28 day meal plan, macro separated grocery list, pre planned menus, recipes and automated daily support texts. (Access to workouts is separate)
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